The very word brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces. Chocolate is the epitome of luxury, yet an everyday food of comfort that surpasses cultural barriers and brings us together like no other.

Yet few people realise that Spain is the birthplace of modern day chocolate. Since Spanish Conquistador, Hernán Cortés, first discovered and brought the Aztec tradition of chocolate to Spain in 1528, chocolate has become a quintessential part of Spanish life.

Spain's chocolaterias are renowned institutions where friends and family gather to socialise and share the joy of chocolate together. You see, in Spain, chocolate is so much more than just a drink or a sweet treat, it is a cherished birth right, a daily ritual and a delicious social glue that brings people together in celebration. The chocolateria is a festive shrine of chocolate worship, buzzing day and night as friends, family, students, co-workers and people from all walks of life come to catch up and indulge in a common love of chocolate.

It is from this rich and enchanting cultural tradition that San Churro draws its inspiration. Like the chocolaterias of Spain, San Churro is a place where friends can come to share, indulge and celebrate being together! Read more about the Legend of San Churro.


Churros are undoubtedly the hero of the chocolateria and San Churro's signature dish. Sometimes referred to as Spanish doughnuts, our churros are made to an authentic recipe, cooked fresh to order, dusted in sugar and served with a dip-cup of pure melted couverture chocolate or Spanish caramel. Traditionally chocolate and churros (chocolate con churros) is the Spanish way to start the day or end a night of celebration, and thanks to San Churro, Australians are adopting this new tradition as their own.

Grab a napkin and drool over our churros menu .

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